Project Running

RS. Happyland Yogyakarta
Web & Android App Sistem Reservasi Pasien + Rekam Medis 70%
E-SISBOY - Boyolali
Web & Android App Sistem Kebencanaan Kab. Boyolali 90%
Moslem Stuff
Web & Android App Fashion Store 90%
Lusinta Agustina
Website + App Dewata Bali Tattoo 100%
Dinas Koperasi Bantul
Android App Sistem Inspection Koperasi Kab. Bantul - Yogyakarta 60%
AQUA Tirta Investama
Android App Sistem Laporan Safety Accident 95%
STAIMS Yogyakarta
Web E-Learning + Tracer Study + Android Webview 88%
Indoluxe hotel and apartment
Website + App Indoluxe Group 70%
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